Stop being a drama queen.

? “There’s not anyone who notices” (but you actually do have people who smile at you…)

? “I’m never going to find a husband” (you don’t *actually* believe it, but your wounds are telling you that since you don’t see any of the details – how / when / who / etc. – that it’s not likely)

? “I can’t find anything to wear” (but you literally have a closet, and a dresser, full of clothes – you just don’t like how you feel in any of them)

? “No one ever invites me anywhere” (but you say that in front of people who actually have invited you places)

? “There’s literally no way to fix this” (but really, you just don’t like the solutions that are available)

If you continue being a drama queen, no one is going to be able to take you at your word (including yourself). It alienates people.

If you continue being a drama queen, you’re going to be ruling a kingdom that’s lonely, pathetic, full of insecurities, and where joy thieves lurk around every corner.

If you continue being a drama queen, you’re going to miss out on the blessings that are right in front of you, right now!

So, stop being a drama queen.

You want to be noticed? Living a life that’s vibrant and positive will definitely get you noticed, and as a huge benefit, you’ll be able to drop the self-loathing that comes from being an avid attention seeker.

Start putting that energy towards looking for the blessings, and stop being a drama queen!

? xx

Said with love from a former drama queen