(you’ve been warned)

If you’re choosing to be annoyed with or jealous of someone who’s willing to do what you won’t do (and therefore get what you wish you had), that’s 100% on you.

Don’t waste time being upset towards them, or envious of them because they put in the hours, the dedication, and the discomfort to grow up and grow forward.

If you’re going to decide to do something about your situation, then focus on what you’re doing to change it (not what others are doing to change them + theirs).

If you’re going to decide NOT to do something about your situation, then literally stop focusing on it.

If you’re not willing to make a change, then stop spinning on the topic, and let go of it!

If you’re not at a spot where you’re going to invest the time, dedication, focus, discomfort, etc. to make a shift, then OWN THAT and move on in a different way.

But please, PLEASE, STOP complaining about what you’re not changing.

It’s not a good look on you.

If you’re sick of being sick, but you continue to eat like crap and you’re not willing to do any sort of movement for your body, then stop complaining about feeling sick, having no energy, and being unhappy with your body.

If you’re annoyed with how slowly your business is going, but you’re not willing to talk about it with people or promote what you’re up to, then stop being shocked that people aren’t coming out of the woodwork to recognize your genius and want to work with you.

If you’re fed up with people walking all over you like a doormat, but you’re not willing to speak up for yourself, have difficult conversations, and hold to the boundaries you set, then stop acting like a victim.

If you’re “always tired” and in a perpetual state of exhaustion, but you’re playing video games until 2am, and you don’t use the word “NO!” (with yourself or others), then stop pretending like life is just so freaking tiring. It’s not life at this point, honey. It’s you. Your excuses are tired. Kick ‘em to the curb and make a freaking CHANGE!!!

Don’t be discouraged if you’re making changes and not yet seeing the results you’re wanting. Strength doesn’t come from a one-time workout, when it’s convenient.

I don’t absolutely love it when my alarm goes off at 5:05am to get to the gym. And I don’t absolutely love lifting heavy things. It’s not my favorite thing in life to do deadlifts and (assisted) pull-ups and lumberjacks and sled pushes. But I like the results. I like being strong. I like being fit and healthy.

Do my taste buds want me to eat sweets and bread and cheese and fried chicken and all the crunchy Cheetos?! You bet your bottom dollar they do!

BUT, my gut reigns here. If it doesn’t make my gut happy, it’s not going to touch my taste buds, because it simply isn’t worth it!

Does this mean I never ever indulge? No. But it does mean that I indulge with moderation. And my gut keeps me in check if I go overboard. No bueno. No fun. No thank you.

You have way more self control than you’re giving yourself credit for, and any voice that tells you “you can’t do it” or “that’s impossible” is a lying jerk.

You CAN. You just have to choose.

And, small actions count ?

Maybe you’re not waking up every day to go to the gym for 45 minutes of intense training. But, maybe you can set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal and start your morning with some stretches and focused breathing.

Maybe you’re not going to start cutting out every gram of sugar and never even look at a fast food restaurant ever again. But, maybe you start by drinking one extra glass of water each day and removing just 1 sweet thing you would normally have.

Maybe you’re not gonna run a crazy Facebook ad campaign to boost your business by 1000% in 30 days (LOL – those wacky online marketers’ promises ???). But, maybe you can actually tell people what you do, and ask them if they’d be willing to share your post, or introduce you to someone, or even purchase one of your products/services if it really would make a difference for them.

STOP getting in your own way.

STOP being your own bottleneck.

STOP with the excuses.



? David Shirley