There have been 13,311 sunsets in my lifetime so far, but I haven’t seen them all.

❌Some of them I’ve missed because I was already asleep (#earlybirdlife)

❌Some of them I’ve missed because I grew up in Seattle area (#grayskylife)

❌Some of them I’ve missed because I was enjoying an indoor activity (#sociallife)

❌Some of them I’ve missed because I had isolated myself (#depressionsuckslife)

But ooooh the ones I’ve seen!!

Each one is glorious.

Each one is stunning in its own way.

Each one represents a day of LIFE, and for that I’m grateful.

✅ Some have clouds as their backdrop.

✅ Some are crisp, with not but a blue sky to fade into.

✅ Some are vibrant.

✅ Some are subdued.

✅ Some seem quick.

✅ Some seem like they’re in slow motion.

✅ Some have been enjoyed with friends.

✅ Some have been soaked in by just me, alone.

✅ Some have been given my set attention and fully absorbed.

✅ Some have been merely glanced at in passing.

✅ Some I’ve seen as I walk towards them (haven’t ridden off into one with my cowboy yet)

✅ Some I’ve seen in my rearview mirror as I head east.

There have been 13,311 sunsets in my lifetime so far, and I’m thankful for them all (even the ones I missed).

I’m believing I’ll have tens of thousands more sunsets in my lifetime, and plan to enjoy more of them moving forward than I have in the past.

Tonight’s sunset was stunning, with a rainbow out east! A perfect bookend to this fine Monday.

I don’t capture every sunset I’ve seen, and I honestly have no idea how many it’s been. But this one was captured, back on Friday, May 15, 2020, and enhanced by the giftings of Mei.

A memory worth keeping, and at least one more in the books out of my 13,311 that I’ve had.

Grateful for this life.

…Even when it’s not going as planned.

…Even when things are hard.

…Even when I have a lot of things that are “yet to happen.”

Grateful for sunsets.

Grateful for puppies.

Grateful for running into friends unexpectedly on my walk tonight.

Grateful for fresh air.

Grateful for progress.