Looking the other way.

Anything else.

Pretend to change what you want.

What do you do when you know what you need to do, but aren’t doing it?

Do you stop talking about it because you subconsciously know that you’re not planning to change?

Do you fake yourself into believing you didn’t *actually* want to do that thing so you can let yourself off the hook?

Do you beat yourself up for not doing it?

Do you tell yourself you’re going to do it, but then find yourself doing literally anything else instead?

Is it just me who does these things?

I don’t think that I am. Maybe you do these things, too.

The great news is, we can change!

We can go for it now, like we never have before.

We can do something different.

We can move.

We can have the conversation.

We can finally decide (for real)!

We can start.

We can.


Right now.

So…..lets ?

Shall we?