Years ago, I worked at a company that didn’t appreciate me at all. I think it tried to, as best it knew how, but it *really* missed the mark.

It was one of those “we’re gonna give you tons of “perks” you don’t care about and ignore the ones you do” kind of places. Like, they weren’t negligent or anything…they just *really* missed the mark.

And, to be honest, it took me a while to forgive them because I really felt chewed up and spit out by them – used and tossed aside. I’m sure you’ve had your own version of this at some point, in some way.

It’s never fun, and it’s always a relief to be out of that situation!

Years later, I can see that even if NOTHING else came of it, I met one of my dear friends there, and SHE met her HUSBAND because of my working there – and it was ALL worth it.

This isn’t some sob story about how you need to suffer so your friends can win, but it IS to highlight that you may be in a very lackluster, disappointing, dark, or super frustrating place in life and you just aren’t understanding why you’re going through it, because it’s not lining up with what you’re envisioning for your life…but it may be lining up with what someone else is envisioning for theirs!

It may be something you’re not aware of until years later, or it may even be something you don’t ever get to be aware of.

But IT’S NEVER WASTED! Your experience is NEVER wasted!

It may drive you batty to try to figure out why you’re going through something as you’re going through it, but there’s always something good that can come from it.

Keep walking through it – you WILL get to the other side.

Cheering for you!