I get it, friend. Deeply.

You’re watching seemingly everyone else living in blessings you’ve been praying for, and experiencing miracles you’re believing for.

And it’s not just one friend. It’s like a good number of them at once.

  • It’s the job promotions.
  • It’s the engagements and weddings.
  • It’s the baby showers.
  • It’s the decades of marriage, and they’re still doing date nights.
  • It’s the health journey that’s working.
  • It’s the deep friendships.
  • It’s the _________.

It’s everything you want, and it feels like it’s never your turn.

And, maybe it hasn’t been your turn yet.

But it’s coming.

It WILL be your turn at some point.

I don’t know when or how or what exactly it’s going to look like, but I believe it’s coming!

For you, and for me.

And just like we can easily look at other people’s lives and see what we want, you can know that others are looking at yours and saying the same thing about you!

So, in the meantime, get really good at celebrating others.

Don’t withhold celebration. You celebrating them doesn’t negate your desire. It doesn’t mean you’re not craving those things. And it doesn’t mean you have to be the loudest cheer. But it is stealing joy to withhold celebration, and that is like pouring salt into your wound. And if you put a wall up in friendships when it’s time to celebrate, where does that leave you when it IS your turn?!

You may not be living in every blessing you’re believing for right now, but celebrations definitely make life way more fun, so you may as well find all sorts of reasons to celebrate (including celebrating all your friends and their victories)!

It’ll be your turn one of these days, and celebrating in a group is so much more fun than being all alone!

Get really good at celebrating others, friend. Life will be so much richer and friendships so much sweeter because of it!