? When was the last time you were in AWE and stayed in that moment?

Maybe it was:

? looking up at a massive tree swaying in the wind, or
? seeing an athlete perform at the top of their game, or
? staring into the eyes of your miracle baby, or
? signing a jaw-dropping business contract, or
? catching a view that caught you wonderfully off-guard, or
? watching a car race at unheard of speeds around the track, or
? listening to perfect harmony expand in a song, or
? witnessing someone healed before your very eyes, or….

What was it for you?

? When was the last time you were in AWE and stayed in that moment?

Life moves quickly, and if we rush through these experiences, trying to simply get to the next big thing, we are missing the very moments that make this life so beautiful.

Today, take a moment to BE in AWE, and allow yourself to soak it in.

Your AWE-inspiring moment may be so completely different than anyone else’s, so stop ignoring what’s AWE-inspiring for you just because it may not evoke any emotion in others.

? Not everyone appreciates a beautifully prepared and displayed plate of food.

⋔ Maybe no one else even notices the move of strength it takes to huck bales of hay across the barn, but it strikes you every single time.

? It’s possible that you’re the only one who sees the magnificent sunrise while you’re driving home from the gym, and it catches your eyes while you’re waiting at a red light.

Allow yourself to be present in the moment and appreciate the AWE that’s all around you!