It’s not lost on me how wise my sweet mama is, but there are times when something she says just absolutely strikes, and last night was one of those moments!

We were talking about some miracles in motion, and how we’ve been believing for things that we’re seeing glimmers of (yay!) and she was sharing how she’s been taking the “hands off, prayers on” approach, and just woah!

Hands off, prayers on ?

It smacked me upside the face when she said that.

So simple.
So profound.
So intentional.

She shared that she’s been so conscious to not push or nudge or force any of this, but has simply taken it to prayer and taken her hands off.

Easier said than done, for sure. It’s like a craft that one gets better and more astute at as one practices.

She’s honed in her skills of “hands off, prayers on” and it’s blessed many – and we’re getting to see these miracles in motion taking place before us, in awe of what God’s doing.

Because our hands are not busy trying to play God, we’re getting to really witness Him move in ways that only He can, and it’s magnificent!

This isn’t to say she’s just sitting back and waiting for things to happen, but she’s not forcing them to. She’s participating where God’s leading her to, and she’s fully releasing the rest to Him. It’s a partnership.

Hands off, prayers on ?

What are you holding onto that you can take your hands off? What have you been thinking and stewing and complaining about that you can turn your prayers on about?

Hands off, prayers on ?

What a massive impact this can have when we implement it in our lives.

Today, I’m going to be “hands off, prayers on” and I can’t wait to see God move!