It’s that time of year again – our 4th annual GIRLS GIVING is right around the corner, and it’s time to nominate an organization to be the beneficiary of this year’s party with a purpose!!

✨ In 2019, we supported Fulfilling Destiny (@periodwithdignity) and raised $370 in cash, plus an overflowing table of goods to donate
✨ In 2020, we supported Streets of Hope (@streetsofhopesd) and raised $300 in cash, plus exceeded our goal of physical goods to bless them with
✨ In 2021, we supported True Choice Medical Clinics ( and raised $1800 in cash (thanks to an anonymous donor who matched us dollar-for-dollar) and oodles of goods to bless those babies and mamas!
✨ In 2022, we’re supporting ___________________ (TBD!) and want to raise at least $2000, plus the goods that would help the organization we choose!

Who shall it be ❓ Tell me here!!

The purpose is to help drive impact by partnering with organizations who are boots on the ground making change in our community.

I’m specifically looking to partner with organizations that:

? Are local to San Diego
? Can benefit from financial donations
? Receive donation of goods
? Have Biblical values

The great news is, there are so many wonderful organizations locally that bring life and hope to our community!

Who would you recommend?! Email me with your suggestions!

Tradition is, we do a new organization each year, so let’s find an organization that we haven’t collected money and goods for in the past!

Can’t wait!!

GIRLS, if you are local and want to join, let me know so I can get you details when they’re available!

The above pictures are linked to recaps from each of those years, and this blog has been updated so you can find a recap from 2022 here! Enjoy!