Who are you sharing that with?

⚡️ That celebration
⚡️ That struggle
⚡️ That idea
⚡️ That frustration
⚡️ That dream
⚡️ That internal wrestle
⚡️ That victory you’re believing for
⚡️ That addiction
⚡️ That prayer request

Years ago, my pastor said something that’s stuck with me ever since, and it was simply this: “One person does not need to know every single thing about you, but every single thing about you should be known by at least one person.

There are multiple reasons it isn’t healthy to keep things to yourself, or only share everything with God:

☝️ It isn’t healthy to just have one outlet (they’ll get burned out, and you can end up turning them into God, unintentionally)

✌️ It isn’t healthy to keep things inside (it prevents us from properly processing through them, and/or from taking actions towards them)

So, starting today, I encourage you to get things off your chest. If you’ve been holding things in, or especially if you’ve been hiding something, today’s a great day to share it.

There’s rarely a “perfect opportunity” to share something (i.e. now’s as good a time as any), but if you’re keeping something to yourself, that’s the perfect opportunity for darkness to fester.

It’s where the storm of lies takes place (i.e. “you can’t trust anyone.” “no one will care” “this isn’t a safe thing to share” “what if someone steals your idea?” etc…), and tells you to keep it to yourself, and just keep pushing through.

Not every person is “the person” to share stuff with (we all know big mouths), but there ARE trusted people. And it may be that you share something with a stranger you’re unlikely to see again, just so you’re not keeping it in.

There is FREEDOM in sharing those unexposed things ?

I’m not talking about the cute memories from when you were little (although, by all means, feel free to share them). I’m talking about the things that feel unsettling to you when they cross your mind. The things that have a subtle grip on you, telling you “It’s not that big of a deal.” “It’s only every once in a while.” “It’s not really hurting anyone.” etc… Those are the things to share.

So, who are you sharing that with?