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Who are you sharing that with?

Who are you sharing that with? ⚡️ That celebration⚡️ That struggle⚡️ That idea⚡️ That frustration⚡️ That dream⚡️ That internal wrestle⚡️ That victory you’re believing for⚡️ That addiction⚡️ That prayer request Years ago, my pastor said something that’s stuck with me ever since, and it was …

Leadership Relationships

Do you hear what I hear?

“You picking up what I’m putting down?”“Do you follow my drift?”“Are you with me?” There are so many ways to ask if someone is tracking with what you’re sharing with them (a great sign of successful communication is checking in and verifying that you are, …


Annoyingly UNcomfortable

 I’m writing this while sipping a glass of white wine  and for those who know me – they know that’s significant! For someone who has maybe 2ish drinks per year, tonight just called for one.. This has been an annoyingly UNcomfortable week. Like, OBNOXIOUS..But…Thank God for friends …

Leadership Lifestyle

It’s almost time

 It’s. Almost. Time. Y’all have heard me talk about my upcoming mentorship (or maybe not yet …. but you’re about to ) and I’m officially opening doors THIS WEEK!  hear ye, hear ye: If you are a SINGLE LADY who’s excited to get married, and wants to …

Leadership Lifestyle

Thinking about mentorship

I just had a friend ask me “What sparks joy for you when you think about the women who will step into mentorship with you?” (Thanks, Valerie Cap) And my response was… I get genuinely excited at the thought of these ladies genuinely ENJOYING their life, …


2021 Vision

2021. You’re already my favorite year yet  You will be full of faith, joy, love, and unrestrained confidence, and I am excited to experience flexibility, new ways of approaching life, and expansion!.Let’s GO!!!


The people I get to do life with

? Constantly blown away by the people I get to do life with ? They are wildly and consistently: ?Talented ?Resourceful ?Inspiring ?Funny ?Helpful ?Intelligent ?Easy to work with ?Organized ?Supportive ?And then some! I have all kinds of (PHENOMENAL) people influencing me in my …