✨ 10 of my favorites that can’t be bought 💖

🐦 Listening to the charming chirping birds, the “caw” of a crow, the awkward “squeal” of a seagull, and the squawking of wild parrots 🦜

☕️ The luxurious first sip of a beautifully hand-crafted latte, with thick, frothy foam, and just a touch of sweetness (in the form of caramel, vanilla bean, or chocolate – in no particular order. My mood decides 😋)

🌴 Palm tree fronds waving in the gentle, whispering breeze, or watching them whipped about by rushing, blustering wind 💨

🐞 Snuggling every type of creature – include attempted snuggling of hummingbird moths, as pictured (you *really* have to want to see it, but it’s there cupped in my hands 🥰)

🤗 Being wrapped in the arms of one I hold dear (read: my sweet nephews + niece, my parents, my siblings, my dearest friends … and someday, my husband)

💮 The intoxicating scent of fresh jasmine

🐕 Being greeted by the whimpering excitement of a puppy dog who just can’t contain itself!

😴 A solid post-afternoon-in-the-sunshine nap, waking up refreshed, with plenty of the day left 🙌

🗣 Stimulating conversations, that get you thinking 🤔, and bring revelation 🤯

📖 Getting lost in the throes of a captivating book, with a story so enrapturing, it encourages you to live a bigger life 🤩

What are some of YOUR favorites that can’t be bought?

📸 by Stephanie Driscoll McHenry (who so sweetly and patiently captured this shot when I just couldn’t pass by these adorable, bumble-y creatures)

.💇💄 by Danece Van Soelen