You can still host in your home, even if you’re not living in your dream home, yet, FYI ?

The proof is in the pudding. I just recently hosted 13 beautiful ladies in my home for my Joy Workshop, and it was COZY ? but, it was also effective!

Here’s what one of my gals shared with me just a few days later ✨ “I wanted to let you know that I literally just applied 3 of the practical implementations of getting my joy back when the devil be tryin to steal it and….it…was…AMAZING!! Seriously thank you for having the courage to have done a workshop on this. So grateful for you ?”

I’m doing my next workshop on Friendship, and I know it will be impactful, too. Insightful and practical. If you’re hankering to join us, link is in my profile ☝

And, if you’re hankering to host something, go for it!

Remember, you can still host in your home, even if…

⦿ It doesn’t have a pool
⦿ You don’t have enough chairs
⦿ You only have street parking
⦿ You don’t have all of the proper platters and charcuterie accouterments
⦿ You don’t think you have the perfect setup
⦿ It’s tiny
⦿ Your home has a few stains on the carpet
⦿ You don’t have a coffee pot
⦿ You invite people to bring potluck food because you won’t have time to make anything
⦿ It’s outdated
⦿ You only serve a few light appetizers that are all store bought
⦿ You don’t have your place fully decorated yet

You can still welcome people in, pour into them, enjoy each other’s company, and have it be an incredible experience…even if you’re not living in your dream home, yet.

So, what are you waiting for?

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