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10 Favorites that can’t be bought

10 of my favorites that can’t be bought Listening to the charming chirping birds, the “caw” of a crow, the awkward “squeal” of a seagull, and the squawking of wild parrots The luxurious first sip of a beautifully hand-crafted latte, with thick, frothy foam, and …


So, 35 happened

I’m blown away. Still compiling my thoughts and joy and experiences from my birthday this year, which I’ve only been able to describe as “easily and by far my BEST Birthday yet!”.? Spoiled doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. Special, abundantly BLESSED, and …


Happy 35th

I’m 35 today. And to be honest, I’m STOKED about it! And, if you were wondering, I was indeed born ON my due date, at 6:02am PST. #Shocker I know! Perhaps this plays into why I’m a morning person, who does accountability coaching, and is strict with …