I was “cheery teary” for my entire BIRTHDAY weekend.

? Tears of joy.
? Tears of disbelief.
? Tears of gratitude.
? Tears of overwhelm.
? Tears.

My birthday weekend was FULL of celebration and love, and I’m in awe ? I’m still reeling from it.

Y’all know I celebrate all month, and I even got to extend into March because the weather just wasn’t cooperating for a horse ride the weekend of my birthday in Feb.

? Dear friends.

✨ The BEST parents.

? A sweet, decadent surprise at dinner.

? The sweetest horse, Peter Pan.

? So many fresh, pink flowers.

? Happy weepy me.

There was a time in life when I didn’t even celebrate my birthday ? I couldn’t muster the oomph to pretend I had anything to celebrate ?

Now, I can’t imagine NOT celebrating my birthday ? so much so that I take up an entire month to fit it all in. Things change, and it’s wonderful!

Huge THANK YOU to every single person who celebrated with me, whether in person or through a sweet message ? My heart, as they say, is full. Overflowing in cheery tears ?

Can’t wait until next year … or maybe even my half birthday ?

PSA: If you’re not fully celebrating your birthday, here’s your invitation ? you’re worth it! And it brings joy to many others, too! CELEBRATE!

Happy BIRTHDAY to me, and Happy BIRTHDAY to YOU!

P.S. One year I had a “yellow”-themed birthday party, and I inadvertently brought it back this year ?