Dear Husband (aka “My Emerge Man”),

Emerge starts tonight. And for some reason, I’m getting the feeling that you’re not there.

And it’s not a discouraging feeling of “I wish he would go, but he decided against it ?” It’s more of a “he simply doesn’t have Emerge on his radar yet.” thought.

I believe you’re building where you are, and Emerge is on your (yet-to-be-detected) horizon ?

? Either way, I’m encouraged about thoughtful, ambitious, gifted, wonderful YOU!

I believe that God is moving mightily in your life, and that this weekend will be a BIG one in your life (even if you’re not at Emerge conference) ?

Each year, thousands of men gather at Emerge Ranch to experience God, connect with other men, and let go of burdens that have been weighing on them.

I’m believing for your breakthrough, for miracles to take place, and for friendships to strengthen this weekend – wherever you are.

When I read the Emerge vow (below), I think about YOU ? It fits you to a t, hottie ?

?️ ? “As an EMERGE man, I vow to use the gifts BESTOWED to me to protect, honor, and provide for my family.

I will stay disciplined to my faith and path to build a LEGACY.

Iron sharpens iron, and I will lead from the front of the battlefield. I will do what is required of me to BUILD UP my fellow brother and motivate him to be his highest self.

I am a man that will MOVE MOUNTAINS.”

? When you’re ready to move mountains together, I’m here. I’m yours. I’m ready.

Excited for this life we’ll live ?

Love you, babe!

? Your wifey