What’s the best thing for me to focus on if I want results?

Working out at the gym? Or my nutrition? ?

Gym = external force to create internal change

Nutrition = internal transformation to see external results

One thing I’m so baffled by is people’s approach to nutrition. And who should we listen to? There’s a STRONG opinion to support every type of lifestyle, so….who’s right?

That will depend entirely on you, your body, your lifestyle, your activity level, your nutrition needs, etc.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

BUT, there are a few things I’ve seen consistently, when I look at what’s gotten me results. As a non-nutritionist, these are fairly cookie cutter, but good to keep in mind if you’re hoping to see results:

? Eat veggies
? Enjoy fruit, instead of candies and artificial sugars
? Get your nutrients from REAL foods, and not supplements
? Stop eating processed foods (and all the crap chemicals and food colorings that come with them)
? Drink more water
? Stop using pre-processed substitutes (i.e. “lemon juice” from a little plastic container, or a powdered packet)
? Variety is great, but if you only like one fruit or vegetable, enjoying that is better than not having any
? Allow yourself to try new things. Maybe you had a horrible experience with brussel sprouts, but there ARE delicious ways to enjoy them, as much as there are terrible ways to ruin them!
? It’s okay to enjoy healthy fats
☕️ Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach

Another conversation for another day is the fact that “working out” can be a million different things, and does not at all need to be inside of a gym.

?️ The best kind of working out is the kind you’ll actually do ?

And, perhaps even another conversation is the use of supplements. I’m not anti supplement, BUT your main source of nutrition should NOT be supplements.

If your diet looks like a bunch of processed foods, paired with lots of supplements, that’s NOT helping your body. Supplements aren’t designed to cancel out the damage processed foods are doing. They’re designed to SUPPLEMENT nutrients and enhance your health.

Now, I’m not completely anti-processed foods, and have things in my home that are not only raw and fresh produce and meats (?), but processed foods should not be the majority of what you’re consuming. And supplements shouldn’t be the bulk of where you’re getting your nutrients.

✅ Real food, folks. Real food.
✅ Hydration with actual water (and, no, coffee and soda don’t count, even though their main ingredient is water).
✅ Cut way down on the sugar you’re eating.

It’s really not rocket science ?

Start with literally ONE thing on the above list, even if you don’t change anything else.

☝️ shift.
☝️ additional glass of water.
☝️ less cookie.
☝️ extra rep in the gym.
☝️ less snooze when it’s time to wake up in the morning.
☝️ thing.

? Do that one thing for a month and watch what changes!!
P.S. Isn’t this bag adorable?! It’s by Motherwell ?