?COMPARISON? It’s a common concern I see a TON of people struggling with, and I want to address it head on, with a few very specific statistics, to help ease the stress ?

?“I can’t do that because someone’s already doing it.”
?“There’s no point in starting because she’s already ahead of me.”
?“What if she gets mad that I’m stepping into her territory or talking to her people?”
?“She already wrote a book, so who’s going to read mine?”

?Whether these thoughts are conscious or unconscious, they are totally UNtrue, and absolutely a travesty.

?YOU are talented.
?YOU are capable.
?And YOU can reach people that NO ONE ELSE CAN.

? Let me give you an example with some basic math (and stick with me, even if math isn’t your thing – this will help ease the frustration and eliminate the jerk that is comparison).

⛪ I go to a church with roughly 10,000 people, across 5 campuses in San Diego (and one in Salt Lake City).

? My campus has (give or take) around 3,000 people who would consider it their “home” campus, and attend regularly.

? Of those 3,000 people, I’d say I know a fair few (“thank you!” to cafe for that opportunity to talk with and see a huge number of people – so much fun!).

4️⃣ And of the people I know (let’s estimate approximately 1500), I can easily think of 4 other women who are all within a few years of my age, who are also writing book(s) on the topic, and who are doing similar work in specifically ministering to single ladies.

☝ So, first step in basic math = out of the 10,000 people in my church, there are 5 of us who are doing similar work, which means there are approximately 9,995 people who aren’t “competing” for the audience of wanting to impact single women. That means we are in the elite 0.0005% of people doing what we do. Odds are already *highly* in our favor. But it doesn’t stop there.

? When I looked at each of their Facebook profiles, and saw how many mutual friends we had, I did a little exploring…of those 4 other ladies, we have, on average, 180 mutual friends between them and me. That’s roughly 7.75% of our total friends who overlap.

With me so far❓

Here’s where most people get stuck…
?We have similar audiences.
?We have similar niches.
?We have overlap in our communities.

And yet…
?The vast majority of who we’re reaching only know us, and not the others (i.e. only I can minister to them, because they don’t even know the other ladies)
?The ladies in our respective audiences who know both, if not all, of us, may only resonate with one of us, so it doesn’t much matter that they know all of us, if they only want to work with one.
?Even with the small amount of overlap, there may be some ladies who will benefit from working with more than one of us (i.e. we are never the ONLY solution to someone’s pain point and it’s very high and mighty to believe you are)

⭐So, go out there and BE YOU!
⭐Be you because only you can!
⭐Focus on you because focusing on others and what they’re up to will only rob you of progress, impact, and joy.
⭐Do you, boo.

?Your audience is waiting.
?The lady only YOU can impact by sharing your story (or writing your book, or running that program, or inviting to that event, or ________) is waiting on YOU to start.
?She’s waiting.
?She’s hurting.
?She’s frustrated.
?She’s desperate for a solution that only YOU can offer her.


✅You’re literally as ready as you will ever be.
✅You’re the most advanced you’ve ever been.
✅You have more talents stored up now than you ever have before.
✅Now is the perfect time to start.

? Hoping this encourages you to GO FOR IT!

Sis, it’s your turn ?

✔If you’ve been waiting for your green light, this is it.
✔If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it.
?‍♀️If you’ve been waiting for the perfect conditions, you’re setting yourself up for disaster, as they literally don’t exist.

? And if you’ve been struggling with this comparison thing, and you want additional help in unlocking your inner Successful Babe (who doesn’t waste time comparing herself to others because she’s too full living an epic life and impacting people ?), then I want you IN the Growth and Grace Mentorship!

Try it on for size, nothing to lose. Let your inner Successful Babe loose!

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