Cashmere (September 15, 2006 – March 8, 2021)

I’ll miss, among many things:

?the way you ran to greet me each time I got home

?how you walked back and forth on top of the keyboard while I was in a zoom meeting (and then settle on top of my hands while they were actively typing)

?that the cupboards would undoubtedly be opened when I came home because you were getting into mischief while I was gone

?the way you saw every glass of water as superior to the fresh water I poured in your dish just for you each day

?your little “meow-wow” chirpy purr and how we’d talk back and forth to each other

?how you’d wait until I was snuggled into bed each night and then jump up, walk up beside me, across my stomach, and then circle a few times until you found your spot to flop over on my head so I could hear your sweet rumbling purr as we drifted off to sleep

?the way you’d follow me around the house – even if I assured you that I’d be right back, you still got yourself up and followed me

?how you would make yourself comfy on any surface that was slightly off kilter or rough while the myriad of soft, cozy surfaces awaited you

?your excitement for shoe boxes and plastic bags

?how you’d sit right on top of a pair of shoes and fall asleep with your face inside them

?your eagerness for snuggling on the couch for a nap – as soon as you saw me head that direction, I hardly had the chance to lie down before you were up there trying to snuggle in

?the way you would sit smack dab in the middle of the room whenever we had guests over

?how you greeted guests when they came over and never were one to hide away or shy away from being admired

?how quickly you would perk up at the sound of either the shower or the bathroom fan (signaling the shower) and run to join in the fun. It’s a delight to me that you were literally always right there, getting sopping wet, just to be part of it. You were always one to be involved

?kissing your soft forehead

?your cute little lion nose and your tiny teeth

? YOU. I’ll miss YOU, my Love Bug.

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A few of your other nicknames that graced you

My boy

My very best boy

Tiniest little love bug

Cutest bug

Little baby

Tiny little man

Little Sweet bug

Cutie pie

Darling bug

Little lion

Sweetest boy

Handsome boy

Kit Cash

Littlest tiny cat

Sweet bug

Kit Kat

The very best

My treasure

Honey bunny

Honey buns

Tiniest Little cutie pie

If I can give any bit of advice to you if you have animals, cherish every moment. The moments when they’re being unbelievably cute, and the moments they’re being so rambunctious (dare I say, mischievous?!). You know the moments I’m talking about.

I can say with confidence that Cashmere and I so thoroughly enjoyed our lives together – we had a solid 12 ½ years together since his adoption, and he walked with me through (what have so far been) the most significant years of my life. He was my treasure, my joy, and one of the biggest blessings I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I’m completely heartbroken that he’s gone, and that I won’t ever get to snuggle him again, but man oh man am I grateful for the years we had together, and for the fact that I got to be with him until the very end. Feeling extra tender around this as I process, so thank you in advance for your grace.

Hug your sweet ones tighter today, tell them that you love them, and cherish all the moments!