If you were contagious, what would people catch from you?

? Joy?
? Faith?
? Boredom?
? Passion?
? Disappointment?
? Inspiration?
? Bitterness?

We can’t choose how people feel about us, but we can choose what we exude.

Do you ever part from a conversation and feel like the other person left with your residue all over them?

It pours out from within, whatever you have stored in your heart ?

This could be either a good or bad thing, depending on what was spilling out of you onto them.

And if you know that you reek of bitterness, and your emotions need a shower, the great news is that it’s not too late ?

If there’s something you want to exude, and you just haven’t discovered it yet – keep going!

? Joy IS possible.
? Passion IS possible.
? Inspiration IS possible.

Focus on absorbing those things and expelling anything that’s not wonderful ?

Be contagious … in a good way ?