Shopping. It can be so much fun, or it can be the worst experience! It has taken me years, but I’m finally to a spot where I enjoy it, because I know what works for me, my lifestyle, and my body. I know that for me, it is well worth it to invest in quality pants, and that I can oftentimes get away with cheaper tops.
One thing I’ve discovered over the years is find the pieces and colors that work for me, and I don’t try to fit into a mold of what others determine should be fashionable or not.
A few tips for shopping successfully — and loving your pieces once you’re out of the store and back home!
Don’t leave the store with it if…..

  • you don’t have absolutely love it
  • you’re feeling frustrated with how it fits at all. I sometimes feel this way about off-the-shoulder shirts that pop back up onto your shoulder every time you hug someone. Once in awhile I determine they are worth it, and sometimes they just are not quite cute enough to make the cut. This one made the cut ?
  • it only feels flattering from certain angles or if you’re positioned in just the right way/in the right light.
  • it only works when you’re in very specific positions, and you have to get it all placed correctly and then stay still
  • you cannot sit down comfortably in it
  • you are not able to get it on and off without assistance, unless you plan to have someone with you at all times (including trips to the bathroom – new take on theĀ #buddysystem)!

And I suggest wearing bright colored panties when trying things on to see if the items are see through or not ?
I tricked myself for many years buying dresses because I genuinely love the way they look on ? The problem is, I *rarely* found myself wearing them, so it was almost always a waste of money. Save yourself the trouble and take your lifestyle into account! If you’re not a “jeans and t-shirt gal” then STOP BUYING jeans and t-shirts because you think for some reason you should become a “jeans and t-shirt gal!” You’re not and that’s totally cool! You’re you, so shop accordingly!
And accessorize with a ? whenever you can!