QUIET BLESSINGS. Are our ears tuned in to hear them? Are we seeking them out? They’re ALL around us ?

I was just talking with a friend yesterday and was sharing with her that I’ve been feeling blocked from recognizing the daily blessings in my life as I’m anticipating some major miracles, and she sweetly reminded me to look for the gentle embers, not usually a lightning bolt ⚡ approach, where God is actively moving in my life.

Not sure who else needs this reminder right now, but there are embers EVERYWHERE and today I’m taking extra care to enjoy them and be GRATEFUL.

*I woke up and my body is healthy and functions as it should ???‍♀️

*All of my appliances work? one of which is a dishwasher ? feels like an extra treat when I’m the one doing the grocery shopping, cooking, AND cleaning!

*I have food in my fridge to eat and enjoyed a delicious breakfast???

*I can read (let’s pause here for a moment and recognize that this matters in every area of my life. It gives me the ability to communicate with people. My business is fully dependent on this ability. It allows me to dive into God’s Word and benefit from these incredible footnotes, which are full of wisdom and practical reminders for modern life. You get the idea.) ?

*My precious cat, Cashmere, snuggled me to sleep last night and jumped back on my bed as soon as he heard me awake this morning ??

*I have the luxury of internet and the ability to get information on anything I’m looking for at the drop of a hat ?

*I have unread messages from people who care enough to reach out (and if you’re reading this and I haven’t responded….. ??‍♀️ I’m still enjoying a break from texting) ?

*My family is healthy and safe ?

*I’m drinking clean, refreshing water right now and about to make a mocha to enjoy along with it ?☕

*I live in a country where I (a single female) can own and operate my own business ? y’all, we are SO blessed in America!! ??

*I still have my business through all of this and it’s thriving + growing ??

What are the QUIET BLESSINGS in your life? ?

And as a P.S. this is from Deuteronomy 8, and I have the Life Application Study Bible, NIV ?

Deuteronomy 8:4, Life Application Study Bible, NIV