?See that neon green?

⚽ That neon green never fails to take me back to my early days of being a “Wild Thing” (my soccer team from K-8th grade). That was our jersey color.

?‍♀️ It’s so comical to me when I think back on little me on the soccer field. Dribbling wasn’t my forte, but my “cannon leg” (as I was aptly named) served me well. #Defense was the name of the game for me.

? Isn’t it funny how we sometimes just lock ourselves into a “role” (whether we realize it or not) and then one day we realize we’ve been living in that – and that it’s leaked into other areas of our life?

? For years I had been living my life from a place of defense. I wasn’t proactive. I wasn’t thinking ahead, or strategizing, or planning. I was waiting, waiting, waiting until the problem ran towards me, and then I tried my best to kick it away.

?‍♀️And kicking was my only method. I didn’t slide tackle. I didn’t dribble. I didn’t go towards the problem to address it before it came too close into goal territory. I waited, and then I kicked and hoped for the best.

✅ Sometimes it worked. And kicking IS a great method – but it’s not meant to be our only tool. AND, we’re not meant to live only in defense mode.

❓ I’m curious – where are you living out a “role” that’s long-since-expired?

❓ Are you stuck in “defense” or “offense” mode?

❓ Could this be the reminder you didn’t know you needed to stop doing what’s no longer working?

?Today’s a great day to change things. Do it differently. Interrupt your default. Switch it up. Become the new you. You 2.0 (or 3.0, or 4.0, or 597.0) – or whichever version you’ve elevated to!

? And if saying “no” is in any way necessary for this “new you” to take shape, then you’re invited to grab a copy of my “Art of Saying No Graciously and Confidently” Guide. It’ll give you verbatim examples (shared from my real life), in a variety of scenarios you may find yourself in, of specifically how to say “no” with grace and confidence!

P.S. I couldn’t find a picture of me in that uniform, but I ran across this little number?, and apparently that color has themed throughout my life ?

Me (age 3) and mom