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Annoyingly UNcomfortable

 I’m writing this while sipping a glass of white wine  and for those who know me – they know that’s significant! For someone who has maybe 2ish drinks per year, tonight just called for one.. This has been an annoyingly UNcomfortable week. Like, OBNOXIOUS..But…Thank God for friends …

Leadership Lifestyle

Today, we remember

 Today, we remember  our country’s bravest heroestheir greatest sacrificethe freedoms we have because of themtheir surviving family members, who are grieving deeply at their loss(es)that our fallen heroes gave their everything (their comfort, their future, their kids, their spouses, their LIFE) so that we can …

Leadership Spiritual

Seek peace

Our church opened back up (IN PERSON ?) on Sunday for our 15th Birthday, and I’m *such* a fangirl ???.We are created with a purpose and designed for community – and it’s not meant to be virtual, or 6 feet apart ? We’re meant to …