I voted today, and it was my honor and privilege to do so. As a Christian, as an American, as a woman, as a business owner, as an auntie, and as someone who cares deeply for this amazing country we live in. ❤ THANK YOU to all who have fought for this freedom, sacrificed, and given their lives so I could vote. I do not take this honor lightly.
Do I agree with every single thing that the people I voted for speak on? Absolutely not ? And I don’t know one person who 100% agrees with everything that “their person” stands for. We’re all human, and WE ALL HAVE MAJOR FLAWS ?
I’ve been voting for 16 years, and this is the 4th presidential election I’ve had the privilege (and I do mean ?PRIVILEGE?) of voting in, and never before have I felt such a deep conviction that the literal state of our country is in the balance with this election.
If you have not yet voted (or even registered to vote), I cannot stress enough to PLEASE GO DO IT NOW!! Literally, stop ✋ reading this and go register, or fill out your ballot if you’ve received it.
If there are things/people you’re unhappy with in government, it is UP TO YOU TO CHANGE THEM by exercising your privilege to vote ☑
And let me tell you – I understand how ? *deer in the headlights* it can feel to start looking at politics with any sort of intention to really learn what’s *really* happening. I get it. It’s A LOT. But please don’t just give up. Please don’t throw your opportunity away. Please don’t assume it’ll fix itself without your involvement.
?MYTHS about voting:
1️⃣It’s hard and cumbersome
2️⃣I’ll have to actively engage in debates with people I don’t agree with
3️⃣I will lose all my friends if we disagree
4️⃣It takes forever!!
5️⃣My one vote doesn’t make a difference
?TRUTHS about voting:
1️⃣When you’re clear on your beliefs (and you do research based on FACTS – not mainstream media) then your choice will be very evident
2️⃣You absolutely don’t even have to tell anyone who you voted for #freedom
3️⃣See point number 2….and recognize that if your “friends” are based purely on needing to agree on every single thing, and you can’t handle a respectful “agree to disagree” then your “friends” may not have been real friends in the first place
4️⃣See point number 1. If you need resources, feel free to reach out – I have some to share 🙂
5️⃣Your vote, and your voice, absolutely make a difference WHEN YOU USE THEM. If you stay silent, and you don’t vote, then yeah – your vote is literally useless.
✔VOTE. Even if you don’t like politics.
✔VOTE. Even if you’re not planning to run for office someday.
✔VOTE. Even if you don’t have kids.
✔VOTE. Even if it makes you uncomfortable to see the current state of things.
✔VOTE. Period.
What kind of country and future do you want? Make your voice heard. Make your vote count.
And please, Please, PLEASE be PRAYING FOR OUR COUNTRY!! There are things going on that are wildly upsetting, disruptive, and icky, and this is the time to rise. We are here for such a time as this!