You’ve heard me talk about gratitude before, so this isn’t a new concept. But as I’ve been practicing it more and more, I’ve noticed some patterns that I’ve been walking out with it, and want to share with you my Tiers of Gratitude.

Tier 1 = “I’d rather have it than not” (i.e. I’m not at a spot where I can even eek out the words “I’m grateful for…” but I can recognize that I’d rather have clean drinking water than not, so I can at least start there)

Tier 2 = “I’m thankful for what I can see in my life today” (i.e. I’ve grown into a space where I can truly say what I’m thankful for, and recognize the blessings that are in my life right now)

Tier 3 = “I’m thanking God in advance for what He’s doing for my future” (i.e. even though I don’t yet see it in the physical, I know God’s moving on my behalf and that He will fulfill his promises to me)

At various points in my life, I’ve floated between all 3 of these, and at times it’s been more intentional than others.

? There are days where I write out my list of gratitudes, and days when I don’t.
? There are days where I proclaim with boldness the goodness of God and the brightness of the visions He’s given me.
? There are days where I feel clouded and it takes all of my will power to whisper “thank you” with an apathetic heart.
? There are days where it’s one way in the morning and a complete 180 by the afternoon (it’s gone both directions)

And in ALL of this, gratitude is intentional.

It’s EASY (like, really easy) to let things pass me by without even acknowledging them in my life, and that’s no way to live.

Make time for gratitude.

By God’s grace, it’s the weapon of choice that got me out of depression all those years ago, and it’s been keeping me out ever since!