Letting go vs. giving up. What’s the difference?

I had this conversation with a girlfriend earlier this week, specifically referring to desires that haven’t happened yet, and it opened up an interesting dialogue.

I’ve been in a season of releasing lately. Surrender. Letting go.

Call it what you will – it’s been a tightrope walk that has, at times, felt more like “giving up” than any of the above. But there’s a stick factor in me that just won’t quite let it go that far – even as down as it can feel at times. The dreams will happen – it’s not up for question.

?Does “releasing” something mean the desire for it is no longer there?
?Does it mean the desire is there, but the ache of it still being “yet to pass” is gone?
?Does it mean the desire remains, but my hope is stronger?
?Does it mean you’re totally neutral?
?Does it mean you don’t think about said thing anymore?
Is it even related to any of that?

For me, it’s looked like:
?Not trying to control it
?Giving it back to God anytime I recognize that I’m holding onto it again
?Allowing it look different each day

For someone who likes finding patterns and solving things, that last one can be a bit challenging.

At the same time, as someone who feels stifled by monotony, I wouldn’t want everything to be the same all the time.

A bit of a pickle, yeah? Welcome to my life and my brain ?

What does “letting go” look like for you?

P.S. Don’t give up ?