?Who’s speaking into your life?
?Whose voice(s) are you listening to?
⬆️Are they pointing you onward and upward, or are they ⬇️commiserating your pain and dragging you down?

?There’s no one in your life who’s neutral?

You’re impacting one another, and

So, who’s IN your world?

?Who do you go to when times get rough?
?Who do you go to when it’s time to celebrate?
?Who do you go to with huge news?
?Who do you go to when you need to process through something?
?Who do you go to in a crisis?
?Who do you go to when you want to hang out?

?️‍♀️Who are your people? And I specifically say “people” and not “person” because we’re not meant to do life with just one other person and have them be our go to for everything. That’s not healthy for either of you.

If you don’t have a person, and you’re wanting one, I’ve got a handful of spots that I’m opening up for 1:1 mentorship, and I’d be honored to be one of your people ?

Curious if you’re ready to step into that and what it would look like? Email me at growthandgracelife@gmail.com and we’ll connect about it!

?David Shirley