😶These last 4 months. Let me tell you about how I survived them.
🙌Very simply put, it’s been God and friendships.
💥And specifically, I’ve found immense value in a very particular mastermind I’ve been investing in these last 4 months. The Pathfinders Apprenticeship (@awakenpathfinderssd).
🤪These last 4+ months have been…..a lot.
🔹️A lot of shedding
🔹️A lot of growth
🔹️A lot of trials
🔹️A lot of stretching
🔹️A lot of new
🔹️A lot of encouragement
🔹️A lot of struggle
🔹️A lot of raw
🔹️A lot of joy
🔹️A lot of 😅/😰
🔹️A lot of friendship
🔹️A lot of considerations
🔹️A lot of living life
🔹️A lot of grieving
🔹️A lot of anticipation
🔹️A lot of unknown rising to the top
🔹️A lot
❗It’s been jam-packed with new opportunities.
❗It’s been shifting into a fresh start in many ways.
❗It’s been rediscovering stifled dreams.
❗It’s been learning how to receive.
❗It’s been pushing boundaries (and buttons).
❗It’s been wonderful and trying.
❗It’s been revealing.
❗It’s been encouraging.
❗It’s been swirling with creative energy.
❗It’s been heavy.
🤪These last 4+ months have been…..a lot.
🙏Thank God He connected me in with the apprenticeship.
🙏Thank God He gave me a sturdy group of incredible individuals who can each speak into my life (and vice versa) and give me fresh perspective.
🙏Thank God He blessed me with the tenacity to keep going and a phenomenal group of leaders and new friendship who’ve been speaking that strength into me over these last 4+ months.
🙏Thank God He knows what I’m walking through and has equipped me with a solid team to build alongside.
🙏Thank God He created the incredible Ps. Colin and Melissa Higginbottom who’ve headed up and championed this apprenticeship program.
🙏Thank God He knew what I needed and kept nudging me to go for it.
✔It definitely brought up insecurities.
✔It definitely had me question some things.
✔It definitely got me outside my comfort zone.
✔It definitely has been a saving grace for me over these last 4+ months.
Whether you’ve considered it before or not, if this 🌟tingled🌟 anything inside of you, I’m going to nudge you to GO FOR IT!
👏Truly. Worst case, you can applaud yourself for trying something new.
👀If you’ve been looking for new levels of support, a catalyst incubator, and the most divinely connected group you can be part of while you grow in the marketplace, look no further.
✅Hop into the Pathfinders Apprenticeship, and feel free to let ‘em know Susan Brennan sent ya’!
➡️Text “PFA” to 940-90 to apply⬅️ Next round starts in January, and applications are due THIS WEDNESDAY (Nov 10th by 11:59pm PT) 💎
🥰 May these next 4+ months be the most impeccably magnificent ones you’ve experienced so far!