GUYS, you have to STOP with the ? peacocking (? ALL the eye rolling emojis here ?)

?️ We want to SEE how you treat people, we don’t want to HEAR about all the things you do for others.

? We want to EXPERIENCE how you lead, we don’t want you to TELL us how you lead.

? We want to WATCH you thriving in purpose, we don’t want you to BRAG about what you do for work.

?Confidence, itself, is silent.

Let the IMPACT of your confidence make waves on your behalf ?

Cut the ? cocky noise and simply LIVE your integrity, your values, and your purpose.

Ain’t nobody need (or want ??‍♀️ ) to hear you yappin’ about your “accomplishments” from the mountain tops ?

Climb on down from there.

Live well.

Zip your lips ?

And trust that your (super attractive) silence will draw us in like a magnet ?

?: @stephanieandjordan.ef
?: @danecerenae

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