GUYS, you have to STOP with the 🦚 peacocking (🙄 ALL the eye rolling emojis here 🙄)

🕵️ We want to SEE how you treat people, we don’t want to HEAR about all the things you do for others.

🤗 We want to EXPERIENCE how you lead, we don’t want you to TELL us how you lead.

👀 We want to WATCH you thriving in purpose, we don’t want you to BRAG about what you do for work.

🤫Confidence, itself, is silent.

Let the IMPACT of your confidence make waves on your behalf 🌊

Cut the 🐓 cocky noise and simply LIVE your integrity, your values, and your purpose.

Ain’t nobody need (or want 🙅🏻‍♀️ ) to hear you yappin’ about your “accomplishments” from the mountain tops 🥱

Climb on down from there.

Live well.

Zip your lips 🤐

And trust that your (super attractive) silence will draw us in like a magnet 🧲

📸: @stephanieandjordan.ef
💄: @danecerenae