Sometimes you need a night out with a girlfriend, enjoying frivolity, popcorn, and San Diego Sharks basketball.

A couple of weeks ago I got to go out with my girl, Hollie Tkac, to enjoy one of the most nail-biting games I’ve ever gone to! SO FUN! And we got to cheer on my trainer (head Coach B) and meet Crunch ?

It was a constant back and forth, never more than 10 points apart (usually within 3), and the plays were feisty. Great passes, moves, and shots, and the only deterrent was a ref who got his panties in a bunch anytime the men wanted to play defense – good sir, we hired you to keep the game moving along, not to get your whistle workout in (???).

I gotta say, it was refreshing to not be on the court ? I had some years playin’ ball, and they were all well and good, but being back in a gymnasium really put it into perspective that I much prefer cheering on from the sidelines!!

Great game, fellas! Thanks for havin’ us out!