“I HATE YOU!!! You worthless piece of #@!”

Ummmmm…. ? excuse me?!

Would you take advice from a guy who talks to you like this? Dear God, I hope not!!


? is cocky, arrogant, and prideful.
? disrespects authority, and openly causes a ruckus wherever he goes.
? is known for spewing lies, and if there’s an opportunity to sow dissension, he’ll take it!
? takes people down with him. If he’s going down, anyone around him is going down, too.
? is a master of bait and switch – promising one thing and never fulfilling on his word.
? has it out for you, and absolutely despises you.
? doesn’t care about you, even if his whispers sometimes indicate that maybe he does.

Would you even want him in your life?

Well, honey, this is exactly who Satan is – to a t!

? All he knows is stealing, killing, and destroying, and all he has to offer is hatred, bitterness, and every other vile thing.

There is nothing about him that actually brings life.

He promises good-sounding things, and doesn’t deliver on them.

Here’s what he does deliver on…

? Fleeting pleasure
? Destruction
? Temporary distraction from pain (but only with a different kind of pain)
? Stealing
? Illusions of promises coming to pass
? Death

Not the kind of character you’d likely welcome into your life with open arms, yet he’s very well wreaking havoc, under the radar.

It’s time to reveal him, reject him, and kick him out!

If you’re finding division, destruction, dissension, distraction, etc. in your life, Satan’s the culprit that’s fueling the fire, and it’s time to break out the spiritual extinguisher ?

✅ Call him out
✅ Refuse to partner with him (we do have a responsibility to not be in cahoots with him)
✅ Boot him out ?

Satan, you’re loud and obnoxious. You’re evil and obscene. You’re vile and repulsive, and you are rebuked, in Jesus’ name.

I refuse to listen to your voice, yield to your deception, or link arms with you! I’m certainly not taking your advice. And you’d better believe that I’ll be advising others to refuse you, too!

You’re officially on blast, you filthy little stinker ?