The Awaken Church Marriage Getaway starts today, and, for me, it’s an anniversary of sorts ?

My 6-year anniversary, to be exact.

I’ve had this particular event on my calendar for the past 6 years.

♥️ 6 years of believing that *this* will be the year I’ll get to go with my husband.
♥️ 6 years of waiting patiently.
♥️ 6 years of God’s faithfulness, even when it hasn’t looked like that.
♥️ 6 years of growth.
♥️ 6 years of seemingly no movement towards this, whatsoever.
♥️ 6 years of watching flocks of new couples go each year.
♥️ 6 years of hearing redemption stories about couples whose marriages were salvaged (and now thriving) because of this very event.
♥️ 6 years of building a vision of what it will be like when me and my husband are there.
♥️ 6 years of wondering who you are, dear husband.
♥️ 6 years of watching awesome marriages grow stronger, and on-the-brink marriages grow back together.
♥️ 6 years of gratitude for a community that focuses on pouring into marriages, the very staple of health in the family.
♥️ 6 years of anticipation building for what’s to come.
♥️ 6 years of figuring “this is probably my last year not going.”
♥️ 6 years of seeing what’s possible.
♥️ 6 years of not going.

♥️ 6 years.

One of these years, I’ll be retiring this particular anniversary, and we’ll replace it with our new tradition of going to the Marriage Getaway!

You’d better believe that I’m putting this on my 2024 calendar as soon as the dates are released.

Dear husband, I really hope you’re available for it, too ? 

? See you there, babe

P.S. As part of our life adventure together, you can count on me to stop and pet every animal I see along the way, as captured here, 6 years ago ? about the time this anniversary started…