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Idol or trauma?

🔬 I’ve been really scrutinizing my life under a microscope lately – call it a mid-life exploration, a scavenger hunt, or a major Spring cleaning – and here’s one thing that’s been really prevalent as I search, scrupulously, for anything that’s getting in my way …


Blooming Deserts are worth the wait

I had a vision this morning of a stark desert blooming into magnificent flowers and appearing to be brought back to health, and I believe this is for many of us this season 😀 We may feel dry and cracked, but God says LIVE!! And …


Flawed fashion and negative attitudes

⭐ Let’s talk fashion for a second. You know how sometimes you wear something and the whole time you’re wearing it you’re thinking “👎 ugh. I do NOT love this. Note to self 🤔 get rid of this when I get home” but then you …