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Grieving the loss of missed expectations

✖ You thought it would look one way and it doesn’t. ✖ Something was supposed to happen and it didn’t. ✖ Life was going one direction and then it did a 180°. It’s almost not even recognizable, that dream you once had. So much has …


Now I know

😬I didn’t mean to hurt you. And I now realize you didn’t mean to hurt me either..😵All too often it seems relationships are damaged by those unintentional moments..🙊That funny joke, that would have been fine a few weeks prior, before their someone dear (who would …


Love heals

Had a POWERFUL conversation yesterday and wanted to share this with you, too!! So often we hear the expression “love hurts” and I 100% DISAGREE with that! Love doesn’t hurt. Rejection hurts. Disapproval hurts. Lying hurts. Deception hurts. Love doesn’t hurt though. Love heals. Love …