Had a POWERFUL conversation yesterday and wanted to share this with you, too!! So often we hear the expression “love hurts” and I 100% DISAGREE with that! Love doesn’t hurt. Rejection hurts. Disapproval hurts. Lying hurts. Deception hurts. Love doesn’t hurt though. Love heals. Love protects. It doesn’t hurt. Ever. If you’re feeling hurt because of something that happened in your life and it involved someone you loved, I invite you to separate the actions out and determine what it was that actually hurt in that situation. Maybe it’s many things…I’m convinced it’s never love that hurts though, even if someone you love(d) hurt you.

I remember when I was first introduced to this simple concept – it blew my mind. It’s so easy to default to common sayings and just sort of adopt them as truth, without ever really thinking about it. The whole “love hurts” is purely a LIE! Let the truth sink in. Love heals. Love is beautiful. Love only uplifts, heightens, forwards. ❤ LOVE ❤