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New Year’s Eve 2020

⭐2020⭐.📢 It’s not over yet..There’s still time ✅.This year can be whatever 👉YOU👈 make of it..What will YOU decide about it?.For me, it’s been a year of:➕EXPANSION➕GRIT➕FLOW➕REVELATION➕FRIENDSHIP➕PRAYER➕LEARNING.…and so much more! …


Single Mix and Mingle Update

😃 About last night……well, it was fun! Tons of great people, lots of flowing conversation, and plenty of opportunities to connect with new friends..❓As for the question I’ve been getting …


Have that conversation

Lovingly  HAVE THAT CONVERSATION that you’ve been putting off. You know the one. The one that has you feeling anxious or uncomfortable or fearful or insecure or excited or nervous or …