? I had a really hard conversation today. And it went SO MUCH BETTER than I was expecting ?
Here are the 4 things that helped it go so well:
➕Prayer – before and during I was inviting God into the conversation and asking Him for guidance and support
➕Mentorship – I speak with my (amazing!!) mentor weekly, and gain insights, wisdom, and encouragement from her. She calls me out (lovingly) and gives it to me straight to help me get out of my own way
➕Knowing what I wanted to say – I didn’t write a novel, but I knew the two main things I wanted to have a conversation about, and I let them know ahead of time and asked them if they wanted to pick what we talked about first (both things were *exciting* but big, and never-before-broached topics, so it was an unknown)
➕Releasing expectations and allowing myself to remain calm, regardless of how they responded – and it worked! So many things that would have triggered me in the past were able to roll off my back because I’d decided ahead of time I wasn’t going to get ruffled.
? So what does this mean for you? Quite simply ?make sure you have support built around you as you navigate through life? We’re not meant to do this alone.
I created mentorship to:
?encourage you in all the life areas
?speak wisdom (from lessons learned the hard way) and truth into your life
?give you practical tools you can use on the daily to live the Successful Babe life!
?As a bonus, everything that’s included is also prepping you to be an Abundant Wife once you step into marriage – so it’s benefiting you now AND later!
So, babe – if you’re wanting to be able to
?have hard conversations with confidence
?live in freedom
?find support + encouragement along the way, MENTORSHIP WITH ME IS FOR YOU!!
Curious if you’re ready to step into that and what it would look like? Email me at growthandgracelife@gmail.com and let’s connect!