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God’s good for it

I can assure you that God’s good for it..That promise He made you that hasn’t come to pass yet? Yup. Even that..That sass you’re giving Him because of it? Yup. Even that..That thing you just haven’t quite seemed to be able to let go of …


Letting go vs. Giving up

Letting go vs. giving up. What’s the difference? I had this conversation with a girlfriend earlier this week, specifically referring to desires that haven’t happened yet, and it opened up an interesting dialogue. I’ve been in a season of releasing lately. Surrender. Letting go. Call …


But, would you move?

“Would you move for your husband?” It’s a question I’ve been asked before, but today I asked myself a different version: “If God told you that your husband didn’t live in San Diego, would you give up and tell Him “never mind – I guess …