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Surprise me, Lord (Pastor Tommy Barnett)

This man here is sure someone special  wow. He reminds me of a blend of my two grandfathers – both of whom have passed away decades ago, and both of whom have my utmost respect and admiration!!.Seeing his sweet face immediately warmed my heart. .Shaking his hand …


Life on Fire

I did another thing. Had the privilege of getting on stage at the #LifeOnFire event yesterday!! And let me tell you – my heart was racing. Admittedly, I hesitated for a moment. Then, I simply went for it, fear and all. “What would people think?” “Who am …



Thinking back to how *sick* I was during this photoshoot. Sometimes you really can fake yourself into feeling better, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time. When you look back at the biggest/ most exciting/ most impactful MOMENTS in your life, …