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Less than 24 hours is spontaneous, right?

About last night Less than 24 hours’ notice (which, for those who know me, know that’s not my norm – especially not for formal events) First time wearing my hair totally straight with a formal dress, and it was surprisingly cooperative and low-key Private concert …

Leadership Lifestyle

Swimming with Sharks

? I went swimming with sharks yesterday ? and to say that took trust is an understatement! ? There were layers to the trust I chose to have yesterday, and it started first with GOD. ✔ Can I fully trust that He’s got me covered, …


Spontaneity at its finest

Wayyyy too much fun at this hidden gem downtown – I don’t know the name of it but it’s got a coffee shop, a dog park, and this rad wall! These pictures capture me getting pro photo shoot tips from my photographer ? and actual …