About last night ?

✅ Less than 24 hours’ notice (which, for those who know me, know that’s not my norm – especially not for formal events)

✅ First time wearing my hair totally straight with a formal dress, and it was surprisingly cooperative and low-key

✅ Private concert by Coolio. Yup. First time seeing him. Perhaps also my last. Buy his saxophonist stole the show (in my opinion) and I’d go see him in concert again ?

✅ I’m reminded each time I receive exceptional customer service how much of a *total* game changer it is for what could have been a stressful last-minute-dress-finding experience. If you don’t know Jackie at Fashion Valley Nordstrom, you should ? She’s darling and wonderful, and a total hype-girl ?

✅ Got to see one of my besties in her zone, totally rocking it out with business’ elite, and killing it in her svelte black dress! Tammy Nguyen you’re a hot one, and I’m grateful for ya’ a million times over!

✅ You have to (and I mean HAVE TO) try things on to really know if they’ll work or not – you cannot trust what things look like on the hanger! Proof is in the pudding! I normally do not gravitate towards silver OR ruching, but this dress just kept calling to me…

✅ There’s just nothing quite like the stale air of a smoky casino ? It’s an unfortunate stench that lingers, and one I can easily go without. But, when the opportunity arises to spend an evening with fun friends, wear a formal dress, and get your picture on the red carpet (coming soon), then there are sacrifices that may have to be made ?

For all my PLANNERS – what’s a fun SPONTANEOUS thing you’ve done recently? And, given that most planners like to plan weeks in advance (at least), we’ll chalk anything under 24-hours’ notice as spontaneous for this question ?