? I went swimming with sharks yesterday ? and to say that took trust is an understatement!

? There were layers to the trust I chose to have yesterday, and it started first with GOD. ✔ Can I fully trust that He’s got me covered, that He’s good, and that I’ve truly been healed from a fear that used to hold me back?

Then it came time to trust MYSELF. ✔ Can I fully trust that I’ll keep taking steps in those moments of courage (like saying YES to this opportunity ?) and actually follow through on swimming with sharks and not just going to the ocean?

Then it was time to trust OTHERS ✔ Can I trust that (1) the person I went with won’t try any funny business or pranks? and (2) the stranger who we asked to take pictures with their go pro ? would actually send us the pictures?

Underwater with the sharks

And finally, it was time to trust the SHARKS ? ? ? Are they *really* not aggressive? ? Are we sure they’re not hungry? ? What if today is the day they decide to try human for the first time?

? But, I trusted. I chose to trust each step of the process. I went all in for it because partly it sounded cool, and partly I want to be able to say “I swam with sharks!” And, bonus, I ran into a girlfriend from church while I was there ? Extra fun!

And now I can say I did it ? And I genuinely had such a great time!! It was perfect weather, the water was super warm, and the waves were gentle ?

Sweet Sylvia