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Leadership Relationships

Are you good for the conversation

➕Are you good for the conversation?➕Are you willing to stay in a conversation when there’s disagreement?➕Can you handle the heat?➕Can you listen without attacking?➕Can you give them a chance to speak without lashing out?➕Can you hear an argument that appalls you without name calling?➕Can you …


Let it be known or let it go

I had someone reach out to me the other day about a grievance they’ve been walking with the last 6+ months, involving another person. And while I’m so proud of them for reaching out to get support in navigating through this, my heart was saddened …


Elvis has left the building

Where did this girl go? This carefree, goofy, fun-loving, glammed up gal. Today, I felt like she went missing. ?Elvis has left the building! Today felt long and everything felt intensified. The highs were wonderful, and the irritations were REAL (face palm). Let me emphasize, …