I had someone reach out to me the other day about a grievance they’ve been walking with the last 6+ months, involving another person.

And while I’m so proud of them for reaching out to get support in navigating through this, my heart was saddened that it’s been weighing them down this whole time – especially since I’ll be surprised if the other person involved even has any idea that there is anything going on.

What’s interesting is, without anyone even involved in the conversations, we can so easily make up stories in our own head about what happened…
⚠️what their intentions were
⚠️what the situation was
⚠️what they meant
⚠️what they tried to do to us
⚠️what their thought process was

And without actually talking with that person, you’re letting your mind spin wild with a bunch of conjecture. Completely made up information. Founded or not, this is harmful – for both of you.

Whether you’re so certain about your perspective on this or just making assumptions, turn the tables for a moment. Imagine someone had an interaction with you months ago, and without having any idea what was going on in your life at that time, what happened just prior to the interaction, what kinds of thoughts were in your head, or what your intentions were, they held a grudge against you all this time and were convinced that you’re basically not a great person.

That would suck. And while it’s not our responsibility to make sure that every single person has the most magnificent interaction with us at all times (their experience is not our responsibility), it is our responsibility to either let it be known or let it go.

If you’re not willing to have a conversation with that person (or process your feelings with a neutral third-party who can help you heal the wound you experienced), then be willing to let it go.

If you don’t do either of those things, you’re only injuring yourself by forcing yourself to carry emotional baggage that’s serving literally no purpose except to weigh you down.

Let it be known or let it go.

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