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Leadership Relationships

Faith and friendships

? Do you ever walk towards something with ? excitement and ? eager anticipation, only to trip and fall down the flight of stairs as you’re approaching the bottom, and have the opportunity vanish into thin air?.No? Just me? ? (thankfully at least, it’s only …


Elvis has left the building

Where did this girl go? This carefree, goofy, fun-loving, glammed up gal. Today, I felt like she went missing. ?Elvis has left the building! Today felt long and everything felt intensified. The highs were wonderful, and the irritations were REAL (face palm). Let me emphasize, …


Wall flower no more

Caught mid-speech. I used to hide. I used to pretend I didn’t have anything to say. I used to shrink back. I used to hate talking with people because I didn’t feel like I had anything to contribute – and quite honestly, I wasn’t comfortable …