Ballin’ since I was a young one!! Is who I am today starting to make more sense now? LOL! I was an awkward 9 years old here and I had no idea at this time that I would have many more awkward years ahead…

With all of the things I would share with this little chica, one of the MOST IMPORTANT ones I would remind her of on a daily basis is to truly *not care* what other people think. To not let THEM define HER. That THEY don’t determine how valuable SHE is.

Even knowing this today, it’s still a lesson I’m learning. I still get hung up on this sometimes. And yes, I still compare myself to others. What’s cool though is that there’s clear growth. It’s a journey, not a destination, right? RIGHT!

On this exact day, may you be reminded that YOU are the one on YOUR journey ? THEY are not. Unless they’re cheering you on and being a light along your way, let ‘em go!!

Side note though, can we also just appreciate truly how awkward this picture is?! I didn’t quite know how to smile yet….