Let’s talk VISION BOARDS for a moment…shall we? Last year was the first year I ever did one and there’s a reason I came back strong to do another one (okay, 2…) for 2019! I am shocked when I see how much came to fruition from my 2018 board (see image with “Resilient” in the middle). It maybe didn’t look *exactly* like it did on the board, and there are definitely still pieces that are in progress…but WOW! It really is incredible to see what can be created in a year with consistency, dedication, and accountability.

Here’s WHY I believe this works so effectively:
**I looked at it every single day
**I shared it publicly, and it’s out in the open, so no hiding!
**My friends know each thing represented on there are important to me and absolutely call me out (lovingly!!) when I’m doing something that contradicts what I say I want. They literally will say “That’s not something “Vision Board Susan” would do!” LOL! While sometimes irritating in the moment?, in the long run, I want friends who will stand for my vision (even when I’m slipping), and bring me back in alignment with it!
**I really believe everything on there is possible, and I can say with certainty, that wasn’t the case when I originally put everything on there. There was a lot of STRETCHY things, and it’s cool to see how much I’ve grown in my confidence in this last year.

Here’s HOW I did this:
**I found several lists of “life categories” and compiled mine from those (see green on the whiteboard picture for my complete list). The BONUS to this was suggested by a friend to line each goal up with a supporting Bible verse (see pink on the whiteboard picture for my complete list)! This totally took my goals to a whole ‘nother level and I’m pumped!!
**I decided on ONE goal for each category that I’m going to do in 2019 (see purple on the whiteboard picture for my complete list)
**I had a blast finding images online that represent each goal. You can let yourself move freely here, as each image will have other suggested images, quotes, ideas, etc. which can also represent you + your goals. Go with the flow and enjoy it! I saved all of these images to a word doc and then printed it out once it was complete
**I bought the foam boards (two for 2019) and cut out the images. Then, you guessed it, I glued ‘em all on there! I love being creative, so it was fun to see what would go where, like designing your own puzzle!

As you can see, this is a multi-part process. And, truth be told, this took me several hours+ sessions to get it dialed in. I originally was going to have one board for half the goals and the second board for the other half, and then it started flowing and I found more images after I’d completed sections, so the goals are represented all over both boards instead of being so organized. A great stretch for me to not have everything need to be perfectly laid out to a T ? You had better believe some of these goals freak me the h*ck out! AND, I know I have support around me to help them go from dreams to reality. You’ll hear me talking about this a LOT more in 2019. My last two years of MASSIVE change have been totally created through God, the power of gratitude, and my signature growth and grace, and I cannot WAIT to be sharing all of this from stage this year!! Watch out, world … I’m really amping things UP in 2019! Here we goooooo!!!!!!!!