Hello ? I saw a tag in my wardrobe the other day that caught me by surprise because it’s not my normal size. But you know how different brands and types of clothing can be, so surely there’s bound to be at least a bit of a range in our closet. Right?

But it got me curious…so I looked. And what I found shocked me!

I have TWENTY-ONE DIFFERENT SIZES ? in my closet, and they all fit me. And I’m not talking about “I can get them all on.” I’m talking about “I like them all and wear them in public”- kind of fit.

Isn’t it interesting that, depending on who labels you, you can end up with so many different identities?!

◗ The jokester
◗ The jerk
◗ The great listener
◗ The go-to person for _____
◗ The reader
◗ The accountant
◗ The daughter
◗ The best friend
◗ The worst person in the world
◗ The student
◗ The athlete
◗ The mama’s boy
◗ The player
◗ The romantic
◗ The cook
◗ The runner
◗ That guy from the coffee shop
◗ That girl from the bus stop
◗ The hero
◗ The animal lover
◗ The douche

TWENTY-ONE different labels, and untold more that could all fit, depending on who you ask.

But there’s only ONE who is dependable to ask, and that’s your CREATOR ☝️

He didn’t give you a size. He gave you your true identity. And here’s what HE says about you:

✦ New creation
✦ Son or daughter of the Most High
✦ Cherished
✦ Precious
✦ Intimate friend
✦ Always and dearly loved
✦ Worthy
✦ Valuable
✦ Strong
✦ Courageous
✦ One of sound mind
✦ Beloved children
✦ Heirs of God
✦ Made with purpose
✦ Created in His image
✦ Free, indeed
✦ Healed
✦ Whole
✦ Victorious
✦ Conqueror
✦ Masterpiece

Friend ? stop reading the labels of the world. They’re WORTHLESS and UNSTABLE!!

Start reading the labels from God ? They’re truly the only ones that matter, and they’re the only ones that are TRUE!