Engagements, weddings, books, homes, puppies, kittens, hosting large celebrations, massive milestones, crazy healings, major freedom breakthroughs…….you name it ?

This week alone I have gotten to celebrate as many of my friends (and a huge number of acquaintances) have stepped into new seasons, chapters, and blessings that I am believing for….for me ?

It’s not lost on me that my prayers are obviously effective ? Proof is in the pudding, as they say. Look at all of what’s happening around me!

My life is surrounded by miracles and blessings ✨ and even though I haven’t gotten to experience the aforementioned ones in my life, personally, I am still believing.

I believe that each time I’ve prayed with my friends, and/or declared favor over their lives, and/or had a dream about them, and/or encouraged them, and/or spoke life into their situation – I believe that each of those is a seed planted towards my harvest ?

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Anyone can count the seeds within a lemon, but only God can count the lemons within a seed.” 

Personally, I’m wildly curious to see how many “lemons” are within the seeds I’ve planted through the decades.

? None of them have been planted in vain.

? None of them are going to waste.

? There are orchards, acres and acres, and plentiful harvest ahead for me.

I’m sure of it!

They have been planted with expectancy ? and at times, tears ?

Be excited with me ? Soon it will be my turn to celebrate and I’m looking forward to seeing who will come along for the ride!